AI Toolkit for Business

NumberToolBusiness AreaDescription of Tool
1BubbleApp DevelopmentCreate powerful apps with no code
2SpeechifyAudioAI tool to convert text to Audio
3Adobe PodcastAudioAI-powered audio tools that elevate your voice
4MurfAudioText-to-speech engine creating natural-sounding vocal recordings in multiple languages.
5UiPathAutomationAI-powered platform for automating repetitive business processes.
6ZapierAutomationAutomate the entire business by connecting Apps via Zaps
7LookaBranding & DesignAI tool for logo creation, aligning with company style and messaging.
8Apollo ioBusiness DevelopmentAI tool for lead generation
9SendsparkBusiness DevelopmentAI tool to send personalized videos
10KrispCommunicationRemoves background noises in real-time during conference calls.
11Poised AI ToolCommunicationAI tool for improving public speaking skills and communication coach
12JasperContent CreationAI tool for generating articles, ads, and other written content.
13Shakespeare AIContent CreationAI-driven writing assistant for various content needs.
14QuillbotContent CreationEnhances your writing and boosts your productivity anywhere online
15Zoho’s ZiaCRM & SalesAI-driven sales assistant for Zoho’s CRM platform, providing insights and automation.
16BotpressCustomer SupportAI-powered chat interfaces that provide real-time customer support, answering queries and guiding users.
17H2OData AnalysisData analysis & reporting platform for businesses.
18IBM WatsonData AnalysisAI tool for data analysis, insights generation, and more.
19ScraperAPIData ExtractionAI tool for efficient web scraping.
20Tableau’s AIData VisualizationAI-driven data visualization tools that provide insights and predictive analytics.
21SkyMindDeep LearningOffers a suite of tools and solutions for building and deploying deep learning in commercial applications.
22MidjourneyDesignTransforms text prompts into computer graphics, including images, photos, and drawings.
23AffectivaEmotion RecognitionUses AI to analyze human emotions and reactions through facial expressions and voice.
24KasistoFinancial ServicesProvides conversational AI for the finance industry.
25ZavvyHR & RecruitmentAI tool for human resource management
26Adobe FireFlyImage CreationAI tool to create Images, Videos and More
27Canva AIImage CreationAI tool to create Images, Videos and More
28ClioLegalAI tool for legal department
29TensorFlowMachine LearningOpen-source platform that helps businesses build and deploy ML models.
30VoluumMarketingAI-driven platform for affiliate marketing.
31AB Testing AIMarketingAI-powered A/B testing tool to optimize marketing campaigns.
32FirefliesMeeting AssistanceAutomates note-taking and transcription during video conferences, providing insights into conversations.
33OtterAIMeeting AssistanceAI tool for meeting notes and summaries.
34ReplikaMental Well-beingAI companion chatbot designed to engage in text-based conversations and provide emotional support.
35SoundrawMusic & AudioAutomated music generator that creates royalty-free AI music based on user preferences.
36Cleanup.PicturesPhotographyAI tool for image retouching, removing unwanted objects or imperfections.
37Gamma AppPresentationCreate compelling presentations at click of a button
38HumataProductivityAsk Questions & Get Answers About Any File Instantly
39TypewiseProductivityAI tool for boosting productivity in writing.
40WondershareProductivityBrainstorming and mindmaps with AI
41Trello’s AIProject ManagementAI enhancements for Trello’s project management tool, providing insights and automation.
42SurferSEOAI tool for SEO and content optimization.
43Formula DogSpreadsheet ManagementAI tool for generating Excel formulas and spotting errors.
44Lumen5Video CreationAI-powered video creation tool with a drag-and-drop interface.
45PictoryVideo CreationAI-driven platform for video content creation.
46SynthesiaVideo CreationAI tool for creating unique video content.
47Framer AIWeb DevelopmentCreate website with no code
48UizardWeb DevelopmentDesign stunning mockup for your web or app in minutes
49ScribeHowWorkflowAI tool for creating step-by-step guides from screen recordings.
50GrammarlyWriting & EditingAI-powered writing assistant that provides real-time grammar and style corrections.

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