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Step into the future with Anurag Jain’s transformative playbook, “Powerhouse: Proven AI Playbook to 10X Your Business and Leadership Impact.” This treasure trove of AI-driven strategies is your key to not just surviving, but thriving in the modern business landscape. Learn how to seamlessly integrate AI across critical business operations from market research to customer support, sales to marketing, and 10X your growth without the coding hassle. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned leader, or someone with a spark of business acumen, this book unveils the plug-and-play AI strategies that can catapult your venture into the realm of success. Get ready to transform your business idea into a reality, outsmart the competition, and let AI be the jet fuel for your entrepreneurial journey. Your roadmap to an AI-powered business empire is just a page away.

The book contains real life examples and live step-by-step case studies to decode the application of AI into various business functions. It’s like a personal AI tutor for business in book form!

Who ought to read this book?

AI may not replace you, but someone using AI will. Don't get left behind!


You can refer the live case study images here

The book also offers BONUS - 10 Ready to Use AI-Driven Business Launch Templates

The book also contains 10 Live Case Studies to help beginners understand the application of AI to every part of business.

The Advantages of Engaging with the Contents of This Book

10X Your Growth

Multiply your business’s growth and efficiency effortlessly with AI

Beat the Competition

Stay ahead with cutting-edge AI strategies

No Coding Needed

Dive into AI without any technical hurdles

Ready-to-Use Strategies

Implement proven AI strategies right away

Time-Saving Automation

Free up your schedule and increase your productivity with AI-powered automation

Expert Advice

Learn from a seasoned business leader’s experiences

Real Business Examples

Understand AI’s practical application through live business examples.

Instant Action Templates

Access 10 ready-to-go AI business templates to start your own business from scratch, with the power of AI.

Readers Say!

“A comprehensive playbook for AI with actionable strategies.”

Chetan Sarkar

“Offers more actionable business insights than a 2 Year MBA, in a concise format.”


“Goldmine for entrepreneurs on leveraging AI and CHATGPT for business growth.”


“Demystifies AI for freelancers and entrepreneurs with practical insights.”


“Simplifies AI for traditional businesses, emphasizing process automation.”

Anmol Katariya

“Best resource on AI for businesses with hands-on live case studies.”


“Decodes AI concepts into digestible chunks for students and beginners.”

Mrs M.M. Rane

“An indispensable guide offering pragmatic AI and CHATGPT application for exponential business growth.”


“Simplifies AI learning into an exciting journey for beginners.”


“Clear strategies for enhancing business processes with AI, including live case studies.”


“A complete AI business playbook with live case studies for tangible insights.”

Rizu Mittal

“Highlights the impact and use of prompt engineering on business strategies and productivity.”


“Offers a fresh perspective with a focus on Live AI Applications for business.”

Dr. Khushbu

“A step-by-step blueprint for transforming business using AI strategies.”


POWERHOUSE: Proven AI Playbook to 10x Your Business and Leadership Impact