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Chapter 8: Branding and Marketing: Supercharged by AI

Case Study

Launch of D2C Luxury Ayurveda Brand “DivyaVeda” – Step by Step Playbook for Branding and Marketing

Image Generated on MidJourney, and Logo Created with Looka


We are launching a D2C Luxury Ayurveda Brand post our Market Research Phase. We will use AI for Branding and Marketing Steps.

AI Tools Used: 

  • CHATGPT (For Creating Brand Brief), 
  • Midjourney (For Packaging and Creatives)
  • Canva (For Further Refining the Creatives) 
  • Looka (For Logo Design)
  • HARPA AI (For Generating Midjourney Prompt)
  • Gamma App (For Presentation to Agency or Board)
  • Uizard (For Web/App Prototype)
  • Durable (For Dummy Website Creation)
  • App.Steve.Ai – For StoryBoard to Ad Agency (Just for reference, we could use better Freemium Tools)
  • Mermaid (For Launch Plan Flowchart)

STEP 1: Market Research and Product Development

Let’s assume we have done this step as the focus here is to show you the use of AI tools in Branding and Marketing.

STEP 2: Brand Identity and Positioning

Brand Brief – Created with CHATGPT post the initial step of market research and product development

Here is an investor presentation generated by Gamma, for the Brand Concept basis the output from CHATGPT.

Brand Brief: Luxury Ayurveda Skincare Brand

1. Target Customer Persona: Name: Aanya Kapoor Age: 30-45 Gender: Female Occupation: High-income professional Lifestyle: Active, health-conscious, prefers natural and organic products Interests: Yoga, meditation, holistic wellness Values: Authenticity, self-care, sustainability Pain Points: Concerns about aging, stress, skin health, pollution, and desire for a luxurious skincare experience Desired Benefits: Effective skincare solutions, natural and high-quality ingredients, holistic wellness experience, luxurious packaging, and branding

2. Brand Elements:

a. Brand Identity:
• Aesthetic: Modern, sophisticated, and luxurious
• Colors: Earthy tones, incorporating rich, jewel-like colors to evoke a sense of luxury and nature
• Typography: Elegant and refined fonts that convey a balance of tradition and modernity
• Logo: A minimalistic yet distinctive logo that represents the brand’s connection to Ayurveda and luxury

b. Packaging:

• Premium materials: Use high-quality packaging materials like glass, sustainable plastics, and eco-friendly options
• Design: Elegant and minimalistic packaging with intricate detailing, reflecting the brand’s Ayurvedic heritage and luxury positioning
• Labels: Clear and informative labels that highlight the product’s natural and organic ingredients, along with the benefits they offer

c. Communication:
• Tone: A balance of scientific expertise and a holistic approach, promoting the idea of a complete skincare experience
• Messaging: Emphasize the brand’s commitment to using authentic Ayurvedic ingredients, luxury, and efficacy
• Imagery: Use high-resolution images featuring natural elements, serene settings, and diverse models to showcase the brand’s inclusivity and effectiveness

• Brand Name: “Divyaveda” Explanation: “Divya” means divine or heavenly in Sanskrit, while “Veda” represents the ancient Indian scriptures associated with Ayurveda. The name Divyaveda conveys a sense of luxury, authenticity, and the divine nature of Ayurvedic skincare.
Slogan: “Unlock Your Skin’s Natural Radiance” Explanation: This slogan captures the essence of the brand, emphasizing the transformative and illuminating effects of the skincare products. It resonates with the target customer persona’s desire for a luxurious Ayurveda experience that enhances their natural beauty.
• Divyaveda encapsulates the spirit of luxury and Ayurveda, offering premium skincare products that help customers discover their inner radiance.

STEP 3: Logo and Packaging Design

Here is the Logo Created with Looka:

Brand Logo Generated with Looka AI

Here is the Desired Packaging Look created with Midjourney, using prompts from Harpa AI Chrome Extension

Packaging Design Generated with Midjourney

STEP 4: POS Material and Merchandising

• Created a prompt with Harpa AI and CHATGPT, which then I fed into Midjourney to Create these designs.

STEP 5: Marketing Content

We can use Midjourney and ChatGpt for promotional material and sales material like flyers, standees etc. 

Divyaveda ai

Here is the StoryBoard Generated with CHATGPT for brief to advertising agency.

Since this is primarily a D2C brand we can use CHATGPT to create a promotional calendar for Social Media, like the sample one below created using CHATGPT.


STEP 6: Personalized Marketing

We can use tools like Mailchimp or Getresponse for lead generation, email marketing funnel; and create personalized campaigns via Social Media Ads. We can use CHATGPT and Jasper to create high conversion ad copies. 

Step 7: Website and App Creation

STEP 8: Social Media Marketing


STEP 9: Launch Event

Here is an output from CHATGPT for our Launch PR Brief as an example:



Introducing Divyaveda: Elevating Luxury Ayurveda Skincare to Unveil Your Inner Radiance

[City, Date] – Divyaveda, a pioneering luxury Ayurveda skincare brand, is thrilled to announce its official launch. Rooted in ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and infused with modern sophistication, Divyaveda invites you on a transformative skincare journey to unlock your skin’s radiance and embrace holistic wellness.
Combining the power of authentic Ayurvedic ingredients with a luxurious experience, Divyaveda offers a meticulously crafted range of natural skincare products that harness the beauty-enhancing properties of nature. Each formulation is carefully curated to nourish, revitalize, and restore balance to your skin, leaving you with a luminous glow.

“At Divyaveda, we believe that true beauty comes from within, and our mission is to unleash the innate radiance that resides in every individual,” said [Brand Spokesperson/Founder]. “We are dedicated to creating an immersive skincare experience that not only revitalizes the skin but also nurtures the mind, body, and soul.”

Divyaveda’s product range features an array of indulgent offerings, including rejuvenating facial serums, enriching moisturizers, gentle cleansers, and exquisite masks. Each product is carefully formulated using authentic Ayurvedic ingredients, such as potent botanical extracts, soothing oils, and age-defying herbs, to deliver visible results while ensuring a luxurious self-care ritual.

With sustainability at its core, Divyaveda is committed to utilizing eco-friendly packaging and ethically sourced ingredients, reflecting the brand’s dedication to the planet and its customers’ well-being.

To celebrate the brand’s launch, Divyaveda is excited to offer an exclusive limited-time discount of [Discount Percentage] on their entire range. This special offer is an opportunity for skincare enthusiasts to experience the unmatched luxury of Divyaveda’s Ayurveda-inspired products and embark on a journey to radiant, harmonious skin.

Join the radiant skin revolution today and experience the transformative power of Divyaveda. For more information about the brand and to explore their exquisite product range, visit [Website URL].

For media inquiries, please contact:

[Media Contact Name] [Media Contact Title] [Email Address] [Phone Number]

About Divyaveda: Divyaveda is a luxury Ayurveda skincare brand dedicated to unlocking your skin’s radiance through the transformative power of nature. Inspired by the timeless principles of Ayurveda, Divyaveda offers a range of natural skincare products that rejuvenate, nourish, and restore balance to the skin. With a commitment to authenticity, luxury, and sustainability, Divyaveda invites you to embark on a holistic skincare journey that harmonizes the mind, body, and soul. For more information, visit [Website URL].

STEP 10: Monitoring and Optimization

Here is a basic 30 Day Launch Plan for our brand generated by CHATGPT and Mermaid

30 day launch plan

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