AI Toolkit for Business

Chapter 10: Business Analytics and Strategic Planning : Supercharged by AI

Case Study

Harnessing AI for a Management Meeting: Supermarket Case Study – Step by Step Playbook for Business Analytics and Strategy

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Meet Amanda, the dynamic Head of Supply Chain at Creative Technology, a healthcare industry leader in cutting-edge medical devices. Faced with the complexities of managing a global supply chain, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Amanda turned to AI to make her operations more efficient, agile, and resilient.

AI Tools Used: 

  • ChatGPT Code Interpreter: For Supply Chain Analysis and Strategic Recommendations
  • Akkio: For Predictive Analysis, Data Transformation, and Visualization
  • Google Sheets: For Data Maintenance and Collaborative Analysis
  • Zapier: For Task Automation and Software Integration
  • Slack: For Team Communication and Real-time Alerts

Step 1: Data Collection and Organization

Amanda began by extracting supply chain data from Creative Technology’s ERP system and organizing it in Google Sheets, ensuring data accuracy and consistency for subsequent analysis.

Step 2: Real-time Updates and Alerts with Zapier

Amanda set up Zapier to automate real-time data updates and team communication. Slack alerts were configured to notify the team of any changes in the Google Sheets data, as well as to trigger alternative plans during supply chain disruptions.

Step 3: Data Transformation with Akkio

Amanda used Akkio to clean, transform, and visualize the data. This step was crucial for preparing the data for in-depth analysis and predictive modeling.

Step 4: Predictive Analytics with Akkio

Amanda employed Akkio’s machine learning capabilities to forecast demand, predict potential supply chain disruptions, and identify bottlenecks. Akkio’s AutoML feature ensured swift and efficient data-driven decision-making.

Step 5: In-Depth Analysis with ChatGPT

Amanda uploaded the cleaned and transformed data into ChatGPT’s code interpreter for a deeper analysis. She sought insights on lean supply chain management principles, focusing on waste reduction, just-in-time inventory, and supplier relationship optimization.

Step 6: Team Collaboration and Communication

Amanda used Slack as a centralized platform for team communication and real-time alerts, ensuring that insights and recommendations were immediately shared with relevant stakeholders.

Step 7: Crafting Strategic Recommendations

Amanda tasked ChatGPT with generating strategic recommendations to improve the supply chain. These included diversifying the supplier base, implementing predictive analytics for demand forecasting, and enhancing end-to-end visibility.

Step 8: Decision-Making and Implementation

Amanda and her team used Slack to prioritize actions and delegate responsibilities. They monitored the implementation and impact of these recommendations using Google Sheets, Zapier, and Slack.

Amanda’s integration of AI into Creative Technology’s supply chain has set a new standard for the healthcare industry. Her proactive approach has made the supply chain more efficient, agile, and resilient to external disruptions. By leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT, Akkio, Google Sheets, Zapier, and Slack, Amanda has positioned Creative Technology at the forefront of supply chain innovation in healthcare.

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