AI Toolkit for Business

Chapter 10: Finance, Legal, Project Management & More : Supercharged by AI

Case Study

Harnessing AI for Key Support Functions: Tech Startup Case Study – Step by Step Playbook

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Meet Sam, the diligent project manager at Autom8AI, a leading SaaS solutions provider. As the company expanded, Sam found it increasingly challenging to manage multiple projects, coordinate with diverse teams, and ensure timely delivery while maintaining quality. Recognizing the transformative potential of AI, Sam decided to overhaul the project management operations at Autom8AI. Here’s a detailed look at his journey.

AI Tools Used: 

  • ChatGPT: For Automated Project Planning, Customer Support, and Issue Resolution
  • Trello: For Task Management and Progress Tracking
  • Slack: For Real-time Communication and Customer Support
  • Zapier: For Workflow Automation Across Platforms
  • Google Sheets: For Data Management and Storing Google Form Inputs

Step 1: Automated Project Planning

Sam initiated the transformation by automating the project planning process. Whenever a customer or team member filled out a Google form with project details, the data was automatically transferred to a Google Sheet. Sam then used ChatGPT, integrated with Zapier, to automatically populate these details into a comprehensive project plan. This not only saved time but also ensured accuracy in project documentation.

Step 2: Intelligent Task Assignment

Sam integrated Trello with Zapier to automate the task assignment process. Whenever a new project was initiated and ChatGPT created a project plan, Zapier triggered the creation of a new Trello card. Tasks were automatically assigned to team members, complete with due dates, descriptions, and relevant links, all based on the initial project plan.

Step 3: Real-Time Progress Tracking

Sam utilized Trello’s built-in automation features to track the progress of each task. He set up custom rules, buttons, and commands that automated various actions on Trello. For example, tasks would automatically move to the “Done” column when a team member marked them as complete, and automated follow-ups were sent for overdue tasks.

Step 4: AI-Enhanced Customer Support

Sam integrated Slack with ChatGPT via Zapier for seamless customer communication. He trained ChatGPT on company documents and FAQs. When a customer asked a question on Slack, ChatGPT, acting as a support assistant, automatically provided the answer. This system only escalated queries to human agents when the AI tool couldn’t handle them, thereby improving efficiency.

Step 5: Automated Issue Resolution

Sam also used ChatGPT for internal issue resolution. When a team member reported an issue on Slack, ChatGPT would automatically provide initial troubleshooting steps based on its training. This quick response system helped in resolving minor issues instantly, allowing the team to focus on more complex challenges.

Sam’s strategic use of AI tools like ChatGPT, Trello, Slack, and Zapier has revolutionized project management at Autom8AI. From automating mundane tasks like project planning to enhancing customer support and internal communication, Sam has showcased the transformative power of AI in project management. His story serves as a blueprint for project managers and organizations looking to leverage AI to streamline operations, improve communication, and boost productivity.

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